The exhibition and tasting of products of the Sansucre Diet line took place on May 14.05 at Drogaria Andrade. The customers had then the opportunity…
Serigy was present in the 2015 Super Sales event that took place from May 15 to May 17, in partnership with GP Distribuidora.
In partnership with Serigy, Rancho do Bolo started the production line of sugar-free cakes composed of products from the Sansucre Diet line.
Serigy was present in Bonne Chère, an open event that brings together gastronomy lovers from Sergipe.
O Atakarejo JK realizou nos dias 02, 03 e 04.07, a reinauguração da loja no Centro.
A ação de degustação Sansucre na Farmácia São Francisco, aconteceu nos dias 20, 21 e 22.07, e foi um sucesso!
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