Serigy and Dias D´ávila’s presence in the Bonne Chère event of Aracaju

Serigy was present in Bonne Chère, an open event that brings together gastronomy lovers from Sergipe.

The attendees could check out the delicious cakes and pastries created with the Sansucre Diet products, such as the powdered sweetener, the condensed milk powder and the chocolate powder, and were invited to taste the Sansucre Cappuccino.

In its 4th edition, the event gathered around 10 thousand attendees, bringing together in a single area the best restaurants and products in town.

Signing in with Água Mineral Dias D’ávila and the Sansucre Diet line, Serigy was a success at the event.

Our special thanks to all the attendees!

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